Marjaana Alaviuhkola omvald som ordförande för UET

Under helgen blev Marjaana Alaviuhkola omvald som ordförande för den europeiska travunionen, UET. Marjaana har varit ordförande de senaste två åren och kommer nu fortsätta det ärofyllda uppdraget till 2024.
Det var stort intresse och diskussion om hästvälfärd. Specifikt uttryckte Sverige och Danmark vikten av att det finns en synkronisering rörande användningen av körspö. Tyskland avser att följa efter och flera länder visade stort intresse av det reglemente som Sverige införde vid årsskiftet och som även Danmark och Finland har antagit.
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The European Trotting Union held its annual General Assembly on Saturday, June 25,2022 at the Vincennes racecourse in Paris (France).

The election of the President, the Vice-Presidents and the members of the Board for the period 2022-2024, the vote of modifications to the International Agreement on Trotting, the reform of the "Trotting Masters" circuit and the European Championships, the creation of a data exchange system called "UETConnect" and the approval of the 2021 accounts were on the agenda of this meeting.

The UET is looking forward to the resumption of horse racing in Europe in 2022 and supports the Ukrainian horse racing industry.
In her annual report, the President Marjaana ALAVIUKHOLA went back over the last two years which had a strong impact on the activity of trotting races in Europe. She was pleased to see the return of the public to the race courses since the lifting of health restrictions as well as the resumption of horse betting in most countries.

The President has high hopes for the ability of European trotting federations to develop their customer base, thanks to the digital revolution, which has been accelerated bythe health crisis.

Following the brutal attack of Russia in Ukraine, the President recalled that the Board of the UET decided to suspend, for an indefinite period, Russia from any participationin the work of the association. A donation of €30,000 was made to support the trotting industry in Ukraine.

Animal welfare at the heart of the UET's concerns
The President reaffirmed that defending the interests of trotting in Brussels, especially in times of economic crisis, and paying particular attention to animal welfare remain the priority issues for the UET in the coming years.

Several amendments to the International Agreement on Trotting have been made, notably concerning animal welfare. One of them prohibits the possession and use of electrical or electronic equipment that could modify the behaviour of a horse during training.

During the debates, Sweden insisted on the need to regulate more strictly, throughout Europe, the use of the whip in racing. Sweden encourages European countries to ban the use of whips when they are used to improve a horse's performance. France, for its part, has stated that it is just as urgent to better supervise the practice of barefoot racing. The members of the UET agreed that these two subjects, which are important for the image of trotting races and for animal welfare, should be discussed over the next few months, with the aim of proposing a common regulation as soon as possible.

President Mrs Marjaana ALAVIUHKOLA and the outgoing Board were unanimously re-elected for the period 2022-2024.
During this meeting, the members of the Board for the period 2022-2024 were elected.The current representatives were re-elected (France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Switzerland).

Mrs. Marjaana ALAVIUHKOLA (Sweden) was re-elected President of the UET for a second mandate, Mrs. Achille CASSART (Belgium) and Camiel MELLEGERS (Netherlands) were re-elected 1st and 2nd Vice-President. Mr Guillaume MAUPAS (France) was also unanimously re-elected as Secretary General of the association. Peter TRUZLA was confirmed as Technical Advisor.

The "UET Grand Prix - Elite", the new formula of the "Trotting Masters" from 2023.
The General Assembly of the UET voted the project of reform of the circuit "Trotting Masters" for the calendar 2023. This project includes the creation of a circuit of 15 to 17 races among the most prestigious Group 1 races in Europe, which will determine a ranking offering to the best horses of this list, a priority participation in the UET "Elite" Grand Prix, the new name of the "Trotting Masters". This final will be endowed with €500,000 and will be held every other year in Sweden (Solvalla) or in France (Vincennes). The first edition of this new event will take place in Sweden in mid-October 2023, on the same day as the UET Grand Prix for 4-year-old colts and fillies.The European Championship for 3 year olds and the European Championship for 5year olds will be abandoned.

The member countries of the UET have committed themselves to adapting their racing calendar, in particular for the best 4 year olds and 5 year olds and more, in order to protect the date of the UET Grand Prix (4 year olds and Elite).

For the President, the creation of the UET Grand Prix day (4 years old and Elite), on a fixed date each year, "must also be an opportunity to offer European operators an attractive product capable of generating significant revenue for the industry, by encouraging them to pool their stakes on these events".

The World Trotting Conference moved to Germany in 2023
As Italy cannot organize the World Trotting Conference in 2023, Germany has proposed its candidacy for the organization of this event and its preparation on the occasion of the Inter-Conference (August 2022). The proposal was approved by the UET members.

UETConnect - the European trotting data exchange
The UET continues its work on the creation of a European data exchange system. The tool is now built and the regulatory issues of data use have been addressed. The working group in charge of the development of the UETConnect tool has informed the UET members that this system will soon be available to the member countries. Four countries (France, Norway, Finland and Sweden) are already connected as part of the preliminary tests.

Great Britain to apply
TROT Britain, through its representative M. Jack DOWIE, has applied to become the 22nd full member of the UET. The application will be processed as soon as it is received by the Board.

Publicerad den 27 juni 2022.